Vivre - Life Well Lived


Life Well Lived is a thriving NYC Interior Design firm with a primary focus on Residential Design.  The company has had great success designing high end residential condos and townhouses throughout Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.  Elizabeth approaches every project not through her own personal style (which is ever changing) or the latest trends, but by digging deep into what will truly be an expression of her client.  This is exhibited through her broad range of work.  Elizabeth excels at combining diverse vintage art and furniture from different eras with modern pieces, creating a home with an eclectic feel, as if one has had a well-traveled life which now surrounds them.  In other words: a Life Well Lived!

“I create living art, that has to be functional, comfortable and express the inner workings of my client’s psyche, however quirky, funny, or even twisted that maybe.   My favorite part of my job is the journey with my client to discover what will truly make them happy and whole when they arrive home.  I cannot affect what happens to them when they are outside in the world, but I want their home to be an exquisite sanctuary for them: a space that evokes their passions and brings them pure joy… Is that too much to ask?”